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Our Mentality

Best Ingredients

According to craft beer brewing tradition we use only the best quality ingredients. We rely mostly on traditional ingredients like water, malt, hops and yeast but include a wide range of additional natural ingredients that produce unique and interesting tastes. We do not have our own brewery, but use the equipment of several midget- and micro-breweries in Austria and Slovakia.

High Quality

Quality is a must and throughout the entire production of our beer we make sure of high quality standards. Besides the wonderful and tasty spring water from the Austrian mountains we rely on premium quality malts from Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and the U.K. Traditional and “new world” hops from around the world and most reliable and proven yeast strains available.

Creative Taste

Our beer styles are brewed using the best recipes we collected over years of brewing Craft beer. This way we can use the advantages of the respective equipment to maximize the aromatic profile of our beers. We believe it is not enough to produce a crisp and refreshing beer. We go a step further to bring you an interesting and delicate tasting, enjoyable, high-quality and sometimes challenging drinking experience.

Our Beer

Award Winning Craft Beer from Wienerwald

6 beers is a small private brewery from the Wienerwald region south of Vienna. We aim to create a unique drinking experience with outstanding Craftbeer that enriches every meal. To get a feeling of what our beers offer browse through our selection and get more information in the details for each beer type.


Bohémian Lager
Gold Rush California Common
Ryebow Pale Ale
Houses of the Hops India Pale Ale
Dark IPAradise Black IPA
Black Face of the Porter

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Gold Rush

Our award winning Ale has been the runner up American Ale at the Austrian Beer Challenge 2016. It is a hybrid beer style between Lager and Ale. Amber color, flowery and fruity hop aroma. Subtle chocolate flavor.


Bottom-fermented Bohemian beer style, pale gold color, dry and balanced, subtle bitter and spicy hop flavor.


Light amber colored American style Pale Ale. Citrusy, piney and fruity hops aroma smoothly balanced with subtle spiciness of rye malt.

Houses of the Hops

Light amber color. Fruity hop aromas with medium body and quite dry finish. Balanced malt notes and bitter finish.

Dark IPAradise

Dark like a porter, but hoppy like an IPA.

Black Face

Deep black with dark toasted notes, black coffee and dark chocolate with hints of tobacco.

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